We modernise

your high-voltage supply with the aim of optimising your electrostatic precipitator; this mainly comprises four functional groups:

  • Power supply and distribution
  • Superordinate control technology
  • High-voltage control
  • High voltage generation and rectification

In many cases, the energy feed can be retained, as more energy-efficient control technology is often used. The higher-level control technology must usually be updated because higher computing power is required. High voltage control must be replaced in any case, because only modern control technologies make it possible to extend the design limits of the electrostatic precipitator. The high-voltage generation and rectification is modernized as required if the existing technology does not offer the necessary performance.

We optimize:

  • your HS systems incl. all other makes with regard to the settings,
  • the energy content of your electrostatic precipitator,
  • your software in the context of updates of the HS controllers,
  • your plant safety and availability,
  • test with test setups with modern digital controllers (also 3-phase systems).

We repair

most damage to your systems directly on site. Our customer service fitters are equipped with all essential components for this purpose. Only in the case of serious problems is it more cost-effective to transport the transformer rectifier unit to our factory so that, for example, insulating materials can be vacuum dried. Often it is also possible to combine a repair with a modernisation of the high-voltage supply and possibly a voltage increase. In this way you kill two birds with one stone and achieve more economical operation.

We train

  • your employees on site or
  • as part of electrostatic precipitator seminars

In our specialist seminars, a wide variety of content is covered in the topics: Application, maintenance, design and function of electrostatic precipitators.

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All models

Based on our many years of experience, we carry out modernisations on all makes. The necessary individual adaptations are carried out quickly and economically by us.



  • Retrofitting with isolating earthing switch (electric with solenoid or pneumatic)
  • Retrofitting of oil pans for HS units with certification
  • Retrofitting of sun protection roofs
  • Retrofitting of kV measurements (kV divider under oil)
  • Sealing or renewal of feedthroughs
  • Sealing of HS transformer rectifier units
  • Execution of complete bare wiring on the high-voltage side in stainless steel


We would be pleased to send you our extensive reference list of satisfied customers who have ensured the continued long-term operation of electrostatic precipitators with our modernization measures.

About Rico

Rico-Werk Eiserlo & Emmrich GmbH evolved since 1969 into one of the largest manufacturers of high-voltage DC systems for electrostatic precipitator in Europe. So far, we have built over 15,000 installations, which are in use worldwide. Our products include the top technology in the supply of high voltage electrical filters.

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