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The dates:
- April 16-17, 2024
- and October 08-09, 2024
- Maintenance seminar: Maintenance and upgrading of electrostatic precipitators.

  • General Service and Maintenance Recommendations
  • Electrical inspection of the electrostatic precipitator
  • Mechanical inspection of the electrostatic precipitator
  • Detection of damage to the electrostatic precipitator system
  • Optimization of the high-voltage system of an electrostatic precipitator
  • Hands-On training with recommended settings on the electrostatic precipitator model
  • Including training material and catering

About Rico

Rico-Werk Eiserlo & Emmrich GmbH evolved since 1969 into one of the largest manufacturers of high-voltage DC systems for electrostatic precipitator in Europe. So far, we have built over 15,000 installations, which are in use worldwide. Our products include the top technology in the supply of high voltage electrical filters.

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